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Squeak Bug Fixing Party

This is a gathering similar to the bug fixing parties that have occured at recent OOPSLA conferences.

The Squeak Bug Fixing Party is simply a group of people working together on various bug fixes for Squeak. The fun part is that anyone with some (even slight) knowledge of Squeak or Smalltalk can join in, to spend a few hours while waiting between presentations. People can pair-program together, and learn new tips on developing in Squeak. Beginners and experts are both welcome.

(I assume the bug fixing party will be ongoing throughout the weekend, in the open area.)

I'll supply a big list of bugs and RFI's from Bert Freudenberg's Squeak Bug Reports Archive, so there should be lots of big and small bugs to choose from. – Doug Way

Here's the list of bugs

Note here if you are working on any of these at SqueakEnd

Please ensure that you are working on Squeak 3.2gamma #4857.

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