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Fall 2003 Updates

I'll post JES updates here:

Windows Update:

To install, copy into the directory you have JES in, then execute from there. Click on "Unzip" when the dialog comes up, and when it's done, just "Close." This'll set up your JES with all the latest-and-greatest. You only need ONE of these – just take the last one on the list.

Note: If you are not using windows XP, you will have to make your JES directory non-read-only. To do this right click on the folder icon for JES, and go to 'Properties.' Make sure the box marked 'Read-only' is UNCHECKED. A prompt will come up and ask you if you want to apply this change to all subfolders and files. Select YES. After this you will be able to run the Updater.

Note2: If you are using windows 98 or 95, you'll have to manually make your files not read only:


Mac Updater:

Instructions: place the Updater zip file in your JES directory. Open up the Console App and CD into JES. Then type: 'unzip' and hit enter. When it prompts you if you want to overwrite, answer 'A'

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