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Complete JESHelp:

Here's a finished (hopefully) JESHelp file for review and editing. pleese help mee wif my speling.

Old drafts of stuff

Here's an not complete new version of help 7/18:

Attach your html doc files here:

PictureTool Documentation (All pictures need to be in images/ folder)
mediaToolsPicture.html (for auxHelp)
mediaToolsOverview.html (for auxHelp)
9 Using MediaTools.html (for JESHelp)
Uploaded Image: zoomImage.jpg
Uploaded Image: pictureToolBar.jpg
Uploaded Image: pictureTool.jpg
Uploaded Image: pictureChoice.jpg
Uploaded Image: openPictureTool.jpg
Uploaded Image: arro.gif

SoundTool Documentation (unzip the pictures and put them in images/)

Debugger documentation

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