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Right now I am working on creating a picture viewer aka pixel viewer for media tools.

Simple design as well will be used. After talking to Adam I'm going with x, y indices across the top, with RGB values right next to that. On the upper right corner there will be a magnifying window for the picture.

The actual picture viewer will be in a scrollpane to allow for long term usablity.

Email me:
I might get it if one day Comcast Internet actually works

Check out detailed progress at:
media tools in java

New Progress:

Here are the files:
It needs JavaPixel as well to run correctly.

The picture right after it opened:
Uploaded Image: screenShot1.jpg

200% Zoom with numbers and Pixel color locked:
Uploaded Image: screenShot2.jpg

500% zoom with scrollbars and zoom menu:
Uploaded Image: screenShot3.jpg

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