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JES Sum03 Repository

Right now, since we're pretty small, I'm thinking that we should just have a table of classes and who's working on them. If you see someone else's name next to something you want to work on, make sure your code is sympatico. When you're done with something not the original, upload it and add a link in the Latest version column.


ClassLatest VersionDateWho's Working On ItComments
JESCommandWindow.pyJESCommandWindow.py6.04.03 supports JESDB
JESCommandWindowDocument.pyJESCommandWindowDocument.py6.18.03 Now we can change fonts on the fly. sweet.
JESConstants.pyJESConstants.py7.15.03 Fixed a bug with error string formatting.
JESEditor.pyJESEditor.py6.20.03 Now outlines the bottom-level block where the cursor is. Toby's a genius. 6/20 - Ignores blank lines inside block. A little slower, I'll see what I can do. - Adam 7.31.03 Toby Better, faster highlighting, thanks to native Java. PLUS, monospaced fonts in Win(do'h)s, highlights the current executing line. now error highlighting doesn't mess with sizes.
JESInterpreter.pyJESInterpreter.py7.09.03 bug fix
JESPrintableDocument.pyJESPrintableDocument.py7.22.03 Now prints in a monospaced font instead of that icky Arial
JESProgram.pyJESProgram.py8.07.03 debugger update, now stores the last path in the open/save dialog and uses that.
JESRunnable.pyJESRunnable.py7.09.03 bug fix
JESThread.pyJESThread.py7.23.03Tobydebugger improvements
JESUI.pyJESUI.py7.31.03 TobyNow puts name in title bar on save, and can explore from the command area
JESURLFinder.pyJESURLFinder.py5.28.03 Brand new class, get coweb hw turnin locations :)
JESDebuggerJESDebugger.py7.24.03 debugger improvements
JESDBVariableWatcherJESDBVariableWatcher.py7.24.03 debugger improvements
media.pymedia.py8.7.03 pickAFile() stores your last path. lots of stuff uses pickafile, so it's pretty global. setMediaPath works without getMediaPath now. If you try to open media with a relative path, it puts the mediaPath on the front of it, effectively a call to getMediaPath(filename) - Adam
JavaPicture.javaJavaPicture.java8.7.03Keith fixed repaint() bug. Added javadoc comments. Added new zoom loader method. did some more error handling in getCanvas. Cleaned up the file in general. –Questionable fix: The only way I could get this to work under windows was by loading the ImageIcon with url.getPath() instead of just the url. -Adam –Added new function to fix zoom error -Keith
JavaPixel.javaJavaPixel.java6.3.03 javadoc done
JavaSound.javaJavaSound.java8.06.03ellie just show the short file name now in the sound viewer. unsigned really works.... check it out -ellie
JavaSoundException.javaJavaSoundException.java7.15.03 so we can identify java sound exceptions and do something special ellie
SoundView.javaSoundView.java8.6.03ellie improved UI, check it out & let me know what you think, i think i'm finally happy with it :) -ellie
PictureViewer.javaPictureViewer.java8.6.03 -made it dispose on exit instead of quit the app. Added some fixes to the zoom menu and tweaked the opening size. Added some more error handling for possible null pointers. Added another "upgrade" doesn't allow you to pick the zoom level you are currently at. Keith Added mouse pressed support Keith
BackgroundCloser.javano longer needed6.18.03 blocking/non-blocking is now handled within the various play methods of the JavaSound class
JavaMusic.javaJavaMusic.java7.09.03TobyPlays notes through midi!!! HighlightingStyledDocument.java6.30.03 New class - now recognizes escaped quotes as not ending the string.
JESAPIHelp.txtJESAPIHelp.txt7.23.03 Added definition for playNote 7.2.03 Gets rid of the "BadLocation" message 8.6.03 Fixed window path string formatting error.
boot.jpgUploaded Image: boot.jpg 7.14.03 image for debugger panel button
pause.jpgUploaded Image: pause.jpg 7.14.03 image for debugger panel button
stop.jpgUploaded Image: stop.jpg 7.14.03 image for debugger panel button
run.jpgUploaded Image: run.jpg 7.14.03 image for debugger panel button
plus.jpgUploaded Image: plus.jpg7.14.03 image for debugger panel button
minus.jpgUploaded Image: minus.jpg7.14.03 image for debugger panel button
fullspeed.jpgUploaded Image: fullspeed.jpg7.23.03 image for debugger panel button


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