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Course load and programming environment

Thanks for helping me out with advice on this class! Please be sure to click "Add to this page" after each entry, not after typing in responses to more than one.


The three-lectures-a-week version of the course has been laid out now on the Curriculum page. There's a mix of learning and evaluation activities identified: Homework, projects, pre-quizzes, quizzes, exams, and labs.

The two big questions are:


Does it seem reasonable? Too much?


Do the topics seem like the right ones? I worry that it's too much, and if it seems to much as I'm laying out the detailed lectures, I think the first thing to remove are the external program scripting.

Comments? Advice?

Programming Environment

The students developing the programming environment (Jython Environment for Students (JES)) are doing an amazing job – it already works! It doesn't have all the features we want, but it's functional now, which gives us the rest of the term to test and debug.

You can take a look at it at JES GUI Screenshots, with a description of the requirements for the environment at JES plans.

If you have any comments on the environment (too confusing for students? too many features? too few?), please do let us know.

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