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Update for March 15, 2005

Updating JSP files:

jsp march15.ZIP

1) Need to fix the files to include another file for the header and footer

<%-- include the header --%>
<%@ include file="plainHeader.jsp" %>

2) On checkAnswer use a button to go to the next page.

3) On checkAnswer highlight the answer the user picked too (with face next to answer)

4) Show a smiley face if correct and frown if wrong

5) Show a, b, c, d, e: next to answers (after radio button)

6) Add an error page and add the directive to use the error page to each page

<%@ page errorPage="Error.jsp" import="java.util.*,

Here is a sample error page: Error.jsp

7) Add a redirect to save question

 // redirect to edit the answer node
              response.encodeRedirectURL("EditAnswerNode.jsp?sessionId=" +
                         sessionId + "&nodeId=" + parentNode.getId()));

8) Enter all answers on one page

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