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Set-up for teacher workshops

In Jan or Feb
Pick the dates for the summer
Make a contract with the Georgia Tech Hotel for the workshops

In April
Set up for on-line registration and e-mail out phamplets
Notify the communications department
Ask helpdesk for rooms and give list of software needs
Reserve green screen room
Hire TAs to help

A month before
As people apply check that the AP applicants have Java experience and
if not have them take the Int. workshop.
Reserve the projector.
Reserve rooms for lunch (MiRC is best)
Send letters to the teachers
reserve rooms with the hotel
Order lunches (include veg and non pork)
Order binders, nametags, dividers, etc
Check deposits and payment for AP workshop

The week before
print slides
make CDs
make nametags
train TAs
Sort robot kits

The Day it Starts
Put out binders
Put out nametags
Put out sign-in sheet
Put up signs to direct teachers

Every Day
Sign in for teachers
Sign in for TAs
Take Pictures (TAs)
Clean-up room from lunch

Last Day
Survey and GVSDC forms

After Workshop
Send forms to GVSDC with invoice
Gather results from surveys
Take down signs
Review bill from hotel
Print Beg workshop posters and send to teachers
Add new teacher e-mails to mailing lists

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