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Questions from Previous Semesters

Looks like the JMusic server is down. I'll upload my copy of the .gz file here. Mark Guzdial

Question: My jmusic doesn't have an inst folder. if i put all the files with 'inst' in their names in a folder named inst, does that do the same thing?
also, i lack a bookClasses folder. man, i stink! what files are part of that folder? can i make it manually and have the same effect?|

Question: I had to reinstall Java and I accidently hooked Dr. Java to the 1.5 version when I running it on the 1.42 JDK. I didn't notice that there were three folders in the Java program folder and messed up. Now i can't compile or test anything, but I can't just delete the unnecessary folder or change which folder Dr. Java uses. Do I have to reinstall everything again?

Question: I having a problem with the "rt" file Dr. Java uses. It's (for some reason) using the one from the 1.5 JRE instead of the one from the 1.42 JRE. I have no idea why it does this, but trying to change in by deleting the 1.5 JRE folder won't work(windows won't let me delete it because the files are in use by another program). How can I manually change what "rt" file Dr. Java uses?

Question: I reinstalled Dr. Java and it keeps trying to load from a folder (jre 1.5.06 I think) that doesn't exist. I can't even set up the preferences because it won't open now. Any ideas?

Question: DrJava is telling me that i have no compiler available... did i install it incorrectly? -Beege
Aye, I did. Do I need to completely uninstall then reinstall the JDK? I'm looking through my Add/Remove Programs list, and I see J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 8, Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE v1.4.2_03, and Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 SDK. Would I only reinstall the SDK, or would I have to do everything?-Beege

I am trying to run all of the programs for this class on my Mac. Do I need to install the SDK under Parallels or with Bootcamp? All of the other programs (DrJava, jMusic) have Mac OSX downloads, but the Java SDK link provided only has for Windows, REMOVEDux, and Solaris.

Well DrJava opened up fine with no problems, and I'm working on putting jMusic into the correct paths and directories and such now, so as long as that works, I think you guys are right. Thanks alot!! You saved me a trip to recitation!

My jmusic.jar file won't open. is that supposed to happen?

I downloaded and extracted DrJava from the file, but the application won't open! I've got a Mac, so is there something extra that I'm missing...?

There is a JDK 6 Update 4. The only other thing I see is JDK Update 4 with Java EE 5 SDK Update 4. I can't find JDK 6 Update 3. Can/should I use JDK 6 Update 4?

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