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Questions on HW8-Fall07

Ask questions on homework 8 here.

Question: What is the difference between escaping and not getting harmed?? aren't they the same??

Question: When a person kills a zombie, will he rise again??

Question: Can you put up the criteria for this homework please?

Question: What happens if two or more zombies are within 20 steps of a person, but coming at him from different directions? Which direction should he turn to?

Question: How do we get our methods to recognize the timesteps?

Question: Do we have to submit a Word document, or can we submit one from Excel?

Question: What is the speed supposed to be?
Question: what speed is this?

Question: Are we suppose to create a main method? Or do we call the simulation from the command line???

Question: How long is the default time step?

How does the act(t) method work? I don't understand if it acts for a period (t) or waits (t) before acting? Thanks

How do I write to a file?

How do I count the number of Zombies and number of Persons?

I am using two classes PersonAgent and ZombieAgent, how do I tell if the agent that is returned is a zombie or a person?

What graphs should I turn in?

What is the Attack range?

What is chase mode?

We have two classes, HumanAgent and ZombieAgent. When a person dies, how do we add it to the zombie linked list?

After changing the person's color to green, we have:
ZombieAgent.allZombies.add(this); // adds this element to the allZombies linked list
allHumans.remove(this); // removes this element from the allHumans linked list

This compiles, but at runtime, we are getting a ClassCastException due to the first line.

Question: How do you guys want us to turn in the files? in other words, should we turn in our zombiesimulation so that when the TA's run it, it will do all three methods, or did you want each scenario (no tactics, and the two tactics) to have their own file?

When we try to run(#) our ZombieAttackSimulation we get an "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" after 50 Timesteps. We tried running on different computers but we're still getting the same thing. How do we resolve this?
Question: On the question about the Drjava heap space... do you know where in the book it explains how to do add more? I know I have read it somewhere, but now I can't find it.

If we created a human and zombie agent from agent how can we remove dead humans from the list of humans contained in the simulation?

Do dead humans and zombies count as humans and zombies or not at all?

What happens if the zombie dies on the first timestep?

Question: How do we make the timesteps step? Our simulation initializes, but it doesn't progress.
Question: We did call run() and it doesnt progress
Question: Our human and zombie classes are both extended from agent, not agentnode. How can get a zombie to be removed or added from the simulations master list of zombies/humans? Would the same work for a human's death? .

Question: Will the grading criteria be up soon?
Question: Joel,Will the grading criteria be up soon?

QuestionIf a human dies, but has not come back and it hits time step 99, do we count them among the dead, since they are about to come back, but haven't yet?

I just had 3 dead humans at the end of a run.

Can you post the criteria?

When will submit all of our files do we still only submit it with just one person to TSquare and e-mail the TA as to which one it is?

For some reason my output writer is not working.... It creates the txt file but it doesn't write on it. I have tried everything
ideas pleaseee

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