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Questions on HW6-Fall07

Ask your questions here.

Question:How will this homework be graded? i mean, will each partner have to do their own separate coding, or will both partners be able to code the same problem together? in other words, how will the "demonstration" be conducted?

Question: Do we write the first method (min,max,stdev,& average) in it's own class window? or as a method in another class?

Question: I cannot find a way to find the square root of the numbers in the array... Do we have to make our own method or is there something in JAVA that I don't know about? I've been googling it, but haven't had any luck. Thanks!

Question: Will we really be asked to do 3 methods like the ones listed in half an hour? It seems a little rushed.

Question: We're getting an error for the following code:
public static void printStatistics(int [] numbers){
  int length = numbers.getLength();

Java keeps thinking numbers is a method... Any ideas? Thanks.

Question: Apologies, here's the fixed code and a new error
public static void printStatistics(int [] numbers){
    int length = numbers.length();
Error: cannot find symbol
symbol  : method length()
location: class int[]

Question: I was wondering whether it is still possible to change our time slot and if so the steps we should take to do so. Thanks.

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