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Questions on HW3-Fall2007

Ask questions on Homework 3 here.

Question: I saw that in the summer 07, the students were able to use a command playFromMeOn that Dawn was able to add onto Are we able to add that to out, and use it as well? If not, what is the best way to make our music play during our turtle dance?

I got my dance to work (turtles on a picture not world - so I'm using FrameSequence). However, it either plays the sounds all before (when I put the use the play() method inside the for loop to add frames), or not at all (when I use an if/else if/else statement to find the framenumber i.e. If (f.getFrameNumber() == 1)... etc. so basically. how can i fix this error to get the sound to play during the dance rather than all at the beginning when it is adding frames?

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