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Questions on Extra Credit HW9-Spring07

Question: how do we increase the Java heap space for the hw9?

Question: how can we make the picture load up?
couldn't load the file C:/cs1316/sprities/Sprites/Sprites/BabyPoohStake_01.gif.
what does that mean?

Question: how do we convert the gifs to jpeg? i dont have the book and the tas told me that the book is online. can any one tell me what the weblink for that? thank you.

Question: "There must be 3 different positions of each type of people facing left, facing right, moving left, moving right. You must rotate among these positions, perhaps with a probability of 0.3 of changing position with each time step. "That's 3 positions x 3 types x 2 (sick or healthy) = 18 images that you need to have for the living people." (from homework page). My question is, isn't there four positions for each type? So wouldn't it be 4 positions x 3 types x 2 (sick or healthy) = 24 images for the living people and 1 image for the dead people, so wouldn't we have a total of 25 images? Or do we just pick 3 positions? I just wanted to make sure I am understanding the assignment correctly. Thanks!

Question: Can I have the character's arms moving up and down instead of facing left, or right? Just want to make sure...

Question: Why do we need three types of people since we're making changes for infected, healthy and dead? Are we just suppose to make every agent assign itself a type at the beginning?

Question: When I run the simulation I cannot get the frames to load. I get an error that says, "There are no frames to show yet. When you add a frame it will be shown". How do I get my frames to load with the simulation?

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