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Midterm Exam 1 Review-Spring 2007: What in the World?

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Questions? Answers? Comments?

Public: - When you put "Public", it means that you can call the methods of a class even if you are out of that class.
Private: - You have to be in the class in order to access the methods of that class
Void: - means the method does not return anything.
Null: - means that nothing has been assigned to a variable

What would you use these objects for?
Sound- to declare a sound class that has properties of sound, such as nodes, ect.
Picture- to declare a picture class that has properties of a pic, such as pixels
String-to write words
Turtle-to make drawings and create dances ;)

4.) char is used to store words. is characterized by single quotes (i'm confused on how and when to use this, though)

can someone answer this...public and private is the main thing im confused about right now. dont you always have to be in a class to call a if a picture variable is p, then you can only implement picture methods on p, which is of the class picture
can someone help me with REMOVED. public static void main(String[]args) ? all i know is that you have to run this specially (not in interactions)

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