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Questions on HW4-Spring07

Example diagram of resultant list structure
Uploaded Image: HW4example.JPG

Question: Do you need to use song phrase? Or can you create your own class from scratch since technically you don't need it I don't think.

Question: Can I have my class inherit SongPhrase since if I use the song I'm using it'll completely tear apart the class? Or is it cut and dry and SongPhrase MUST be used. =\

Question: Oh I'm basically writing a song from scratch that I arranged awhile back I'm basically returning my own phrases to use since I have the song all divided out to repeat and weave. Also if I don't use songphrase will my code not compile and is there a way to change the tempo of nodes? One other question heh, is there a way to do chords with nodes?

Question: If I use song phrase can I make new methods?

Question: Is it alright to modify SongNode?

Question: When you're writing a midi file, I believe the code is Write.midi(score, "NameofScore.midi"). Where does the midi file go once you write it? In other words, where does Dr. Java save the file?

Question: In class, we spoke about using the idea of in order to access repeated nodes without names; but when I try this, I find that the copied node is private to SongNode (i.e. .next has private access in SongNode). Should I just edit SongNode or is there a better way?
Question: My aim is to set the next node of a repeated node;; just calls the node in question, but does it allow you to modify it? Thanks for your help, Dawn.

Error adding note list: Possibly the wrong number of values in the pitch and rhythm array.

So, I took soundphrase and copied the method of riff2, changed some of the variable names, and then reused it. When I change the notes up for the modified riff2 (as a unique phrase) i get the error above. Also,I basically set the node1's next to node2, node2 to node3, and so on. I don't know why I get this error. Please provide some insight if possible.

Question: My notation viewer is opening up okay when I run my program, but when I choose "Play All" I don't hear anything. I see comments in the Interactions Pane saying that the MIDI music is playing, and more when it's done, but I'm never hearing anything. What gives?

Question: I have a question. So, if I use node3.weave(node1,1,2) means copy node1,one times, after skipping two. I tried looking back at the code and my interpretation is that my structure would look like this: 1,2,3,1copy, 1copy,4,5,1copy,1copy, assuming that nodes1,2,3,4,5 were created in that order with one following the other. Is this correct? Additionally, these copied nodes do count as one of our 10 nodes right?

Question: How do I add sharp notes to a riff, what's the notation?

Question: Dawn, do you have any ppt as to how repeatNextInsert works (the weave one was helpful). This is my general question, so if you have a node 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, in that order, and then i do node1.repeatNextInsert(node5,2) i would get 1, 5c,5c,2,3,4,5. but then, if i want to do node3.repeatNextInsert(node4,2)i would get 1, 5c,5c,2,3,4c,4c,4,5.
More Examples

Original List:
List after we call node1.repeatNextInserting(node4,3);

Original List:
List after we call node1.repeatNext(node4,3);
Notice how the rest of the list gets lost.
-Dawn Finney

Question: What does this error mean:
  at MyWovenSong.main(
  at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
  at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
  at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
  at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)

Question: Since we are making a new class in SongPhrase, does that mean we have to start it all the way at the end of the existing class? As in past the closed bracket } ? and if so do we have to type in the import stuff above our class again?
but I thought we had to have it in SongPhrase? Has that rule been retconned now? lol.

Question: Where can you find exactly how to manipulate JMC. I want to know to do things such as make the clef treble instead of the default bass. I also don't know the codes for slurs and things like that.

Question: When is our homework due - Friday at 7, or Monday at 10? The announcements page says it's due Monday at 10 so we can ask questions in recitation - is this true? Thanks.

Question: Is it ok for our song to have two parts like the my first song file?

Question:Why do we need to modify SongPhrase?

Question: If we are typing in our own riffs in a separate java file, say "" or something along those lines, should we copy and paste the contents of that file into SongPhrase, or is it ok to have it separate?
No Dawn, it isn't so hard, that's why I asked. Thanks for the sarcasm though, I really do appreciate it.

Question: Why do I keep getting identifier expected errors whenever I use setNext, setPhrase, or showFromMeOn. I even copied code directly from the book and it still gave me the same error.

Question: Dawn in your slides about about weaving (which was very helpful) I see that you reset the list back to its original state before every weave. Do you recommend we do that? is there a why you reason you did that?

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