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Questions on HW2-Spring07

It is perfectly okay for your collage to have white space in it – lots of big blank areas. In fact, it's easiest if you are doing a mirrored composition. If you want to see examples of collages that are mirrored, check out some 1315 collages that use mirroring. Mark Guzdial

Question: Is there a limit to the size of our collage? - Student521

Question: I meant... can we make a small collage? But I realize now that's a stupid question... never mind! :) - Student521

Question: Just out of curiosity, if you've dropped a picture into a world using a turtle, is there a way to pick the picture back up and make it disappear if you don't want it anymore?

That's true; the question only came up because I was playing around with pictures and turtles in the interactions window. Thanks!

Question: The instructions say use FileChooser.getMediaPath() in the what if we use a picture that isn't from the mediasources folder? would we have to send the picture in too along with the method?

Question: Nevermind I got the answer from the instructions for that... but what does it mean turn in if we added a new method to it? We can't add a new method to to alter the picture? or do we have to open up to make a new method there?

Question: Do we have to use compose to create our collage or can we just use turtles. Also while creating our collage can we use two different images that are already flipped or do we have to flip the same image?

Question: Is there anything specific you'd like us to include in the comments (i.e. the entire path when we use getMediaPath)? DrJava is not allowing me to set my media path to a different folder, how do I get around this?

Question: When you say that we can't use any of the mirror methods in the Picture class does that mean in order to mirror we either have to write our own mirror method or use turtles?

Wow thanks a lot that explanation makes a hell of a lot of sense! This assignment has gotten a bit easier sounding.

This line won't work when typed in. This is my working directory as of right now:Welcome to DrJava. Working directory is C:\Documents and Settings\Najma Shaikh\Desktop\cs1316\java-source This is the error I get: Couldn't load the file D:/cs1316/mediasources/swan.jpg However, this file was in the folder. Could you please provide me some feedback as to why this line doesn't work and what I can do about it.Thanks for your help.

Question: I don't see a I see a though. What should I use?
ah...ok thanks.

Question: I am trying to use the library computers for this homework and they do not have Dr. Java. They have JGrasp and JCreator. Which one of these should I use or should I just try to download Dr. Java here?

Question: I've written the code for my collage, and when typed into the interactions pane step by step, produces a picture. However, when I try to compile the full document, I get a lot of errors in the middle of the code (primarily dealing with .compose, however the exact same code copied into interactions works fine). Whats going on?

Question: Can we do everything with compose and then just have a random turtle to fulfull the requirement? Or do we have to use Turtles to do the symmetry part?

Question: umm...I tried to do FileChooser.setMediaPath() in the interactions pane to set the path but I get: Error: No 'setMediaPath' method in 'FileChooser' with arguments: ()

Question: Do all 4 pictures need to have some different image manipulation? Or can we just have 2 types of image manipulation?

Question: What else is there that the Turtles can do, if they don't do the symmetry?

Question: How do we actually go about testing one of the methods? Say What do we type in the interactions pane?

Question: When I try to compile this project, I get the error: File: (no associated file) [line: (no source location)] Error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:;Ljava/lang/String;)

Question: So if we make a turtle turn 180 degrees and let it drop a picture will the picture be upside down as opposed to if the turtle drops a picture while its facing up?

good point.

Question: Does "some sort of image manipulation" mean we have to have some sort of if/then or iteration in our code because I first did mine with a while loop, but it took a long time to load so I got rid of all my iterations and just wrote them out.

Not a Question: Dawn's answers humor me. Student521
Another Question!: I am getting a weird error
Error: C:\Documents and Settings\Richard\My Documents\School Work\Spring07\CS1316\Applications\java-source-Fall06\java-source-Fall06\ identifier expected

This happens 23 times in the same compile on different lines. Please help!

Dawn ROCKS!Mark Guzdial

Question: I uploaded my final collage to the HW2 Gallery...would this count as the entire canvas being mirrored? or should i make it so there are 8 pictures total? Student521

Question: The picture I'd like to use is a .gif file – the methods of the Picture class don't seem to have the same effect on .gif files as they do .jpg files. Is it because the two files types are encoded differently? Are we allowed to submit .gif files?

Question: Does our collage have to be centered on the canvas?? What would be a good way (besides hard keying the dimensions) to center the collage on the canvas?

Question: How do we use a function like negate() if it is void in Should we write the code for it in the collage area?

Question: Is it necessary to pull the pen up on the turtle or is it ok with the lines?

Question: What exactly will the T.A.'s type into the command line to test our programs?

Question: I'm confused as to, are we supposed to have 4 pics total on our hw2 or 8 pics total? It seems like you mean 4: "You need to have one picture appear four times: The original time, then three other times with some image manipulation". But maybe its 8 total with the symmetry.

I've been wondering about the above question too...that's the sole thing that's kept me from turning this assignment in already.

Dawn ur awesome. marry me! haha.

Dawn's bringing sexy back... YEAHHH!

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