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Questions on HW5-Fall2006

Got questions on the homework?
Ask 'em here!

Are we adding our methods to PictureNode or PositionedSceneElement?

I'd say PositionedSceneElement. I think we're going to answer questions as they relate to PositionedSceneElement, so it'd be nice if we were all on the same page. Though it says in the homework requirements that as long it's "any of the linked lists of pictures that we created (where ordering represented linearity, or layering, or using turtles to walk the list)" it's fine.

What about PictureTest? I already have that method defined... so are we modifying that one, too? Or are we creating a whole new method?

Some versions of the downloaded java-source folder include a with the defined main method. It can be used as a guide, however you should turnin your own individual

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