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Questions on HW4-Fall2006

Got questions on the homework?
Ask 'em here!

Does the song need to be 10 nodes long, or do there have to be 10 distinct nodes/riffs in it, in which case it would be really long?

It just has to be 10 nodes long, not necessarily containing 10 distinct nodes

I'm having trouble playing anything. How would you play one of the riffs you made? I've been trying view.notate, but I don't know what goes inside the parenthesis.

To give an example for my previous submission, I've got nodes set up in myWovenSong class. Shouldn't I be able to do view.notate(node1)?

Just do
where node1 is the first node in your list and JMC.PIANO is the instrument you want playing your music

I keep getting "undefined class node1" or "undefined class (whatever else I try to play)"

you need to define the variable type, such as
SongNode node1 = new SongNode();

node1 is a SongNode. You need to declare
SongNode node1 = new SongNode();
and set the data in that node, in this case we'll set it to riff1()
If you're still getting errors, I suggest you recompile

Hmmm, yeah I've done that. Although I haven't actually done any of the weaving I've defined all of my nodes and even compiled the file without any errors. But I'm still getting the undefined class messages. Any other ideas? Could it have to do with the first few lines of the entire code? I'm not very confident with how I set those up.

I've got:

import jm.JMC;
import jm.util.;

public class myWovenSong
private Score myScore = new Score("blah");

all the imports should have asterisks too, for some reason they didn't copy over.

Can you just email me your code? dawn.finney[at]

all imports? the JMC one doesn't need an asterick
also if that isn't it then make sure you have the preferences set to link jmusic.jar (not the jmusic folder)

emailed, thanks :)

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