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Questions on HW1-Fall06

Got questions on the homework?
Ask 'em here!

do we do two separate manipulations that are implemented at different times, or combine them into one as mytweak() ?

You should do to separate methods. One does something using a for loop, and the other does something using a while loop. You may name them whatever you want as long as they are "self documenting" (meaning they give a small insight into what the method does). Include these two methods at the bottom of your modified file with a small comment above each saying what they do. At the top of the file please include a comment with your name, gtg number, and what you named your two methods to make it easier for us to grade.

to add to the question above, what are you going to type in to interaction box to check out homework.
thanks - kathryn

We are going to type something similar to this:

> Picture myPic = new Picture("c:/cs1316/mediasources/swan.jpg");
>; //show the original picture just for comparisons
> myPic.firstMethod();
> myPic = new Picture("c:/cs1316/mediasources/swan.jpg"); //reload the original picture to test the second method
> myPic.secondMethod();

I am having trouble uploading my file to webct. It gives me two options, a file that is a text document, and a file. I uploaded them both, but when I download them from webct, the text file comes up with 415 errors (not in my original file) and the file simply won't compile. What do I do?

Well the file is just a temporary backup so the file you need to turn in is
Your other problem is a little bit more difficult to debug, but try just turning in and downloading it from WebCT then recompiling. Hopefully it was just a temporary problem with WebCT, otherwise you may have to stop by one of the TA's office hours

It only works if I download it and save it over the existing in the java-source folder. Is that okay?

Yes. Manabu Shimobe

If you are interested in seeing the JavaDoc information on the class, and have trouble viewing the documentation that came on the class CD, go to:

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