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Comments on Week of 14 and 21 November 2005

Since Nov. 21 is the week of Thanksgiving, let's do one set of comments and questions for both weeks.

I really think you need to finish the book because for me having the book (not justlecture slides or a coweb for reference) is very useful for examples and explinations of things that are not clearly defined in class. I like text books and i don't think this class should exist without it. And besides that, somepeople, like myself, get embarrased to ask questions sometimes as to not sound stupid and the book is a great tool to refer to. I also think tests should be postponed if you go out of town so we can easily reach you if we have questions about something that is stumping us. The TA can only do so much to help us because he too has class and tests. I still hate pair programming because i really don't learn when looking over somebody's shoulder. soooooooooooooo those are my suggestions. happy thanksgiving and shopping to you!
Removed at KS request

Thank you very much, Krista – I REALLY appreciate the honest feedback! I like textbooks, too, but I didn't want to keep this class from happening until I could finish the book. Please DO feel free to ask questions, both in class (I LIKE questions, even if they may sound stupid to you!) and while pair programming. Don't just look over the shoulder – ask why the driver is doing whatever they're doing. The tests and going out of town...I agree, but a lot of that is out of my hands now :-( THANK YOU for telling me your thoughts! I'll work on making things better for the next semester, and what I can of this semester. Mark Guzdial

BTW, I do have the Midterm grades, but WebCT seems to be down. I'll give it a couple more hours, then I'll email you your grades. Mark Guzdial

All grades uploaded:

Statistics: Midterm 2
Graded out of: 100.00
Number of records: 12 Highest grade: 92.00
Lowest grade: 59.00 Mean grade: 79.75
Median grade: 84.00

does anyone know how to compute our overall grade up to this point in the semester? Removed at KS request

Start at Grading Policy and start plugging in? I'll weigh quizzes the same % of the final grade, just have only three of them. Mark Guzdial