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Questions on HW8-Fall2005

Wondering about the historical accuracy of this simulation?

(Sorry, couldn't type while I was laughing so hard...)

How about how to make it more accurate?
Or about data structures?
Or maybe how to make the Java work?

Ask here! Maybe between all of us we can figure it out!

what is ">>> Timestep: 0IllegalArgumentException: Moved into tail" mean?

Kyle DuPont

I think you called a method with inappropriate inputs. What line was listed? What was on that line? The "Timestep:0" is stuff your program generated – the rest is the error. Mark Guzdial

I think that it is something wrong with my Dr. Java. Whenever I restart it and then try to run it again, I get different results each time without changing anything.

Kyle DuPont

No, that's normal for simulations. You're using Random, remember? Different values will come up each time, so you'll take different paths through the code, so you'll get different results–or different errors. Mark Guzdial

We redownloaded the original java-source again and got the same results even with wolfdeersimulation or political simulation. That led us to believe that it was maybe my Dr. Java that doesn't work anymore for some reason.

Kyle DuPont

do we need to go into and edit the number of timesteps from 50 to 120, or can it just be run(120)?
Krista and Eli

run(120) should work fine. Kyle and Adrien, what results are making you think that things are broken? Are you getting errors with WDSimulation or PoliticalSimulation? Or is it just working differently each time? The latter is to be expected, but I wouldn't expect any errors. Mark Guzdial

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