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Questions on HW7-Fall2005

Got questions about GUIs? (Including how to pronounce that: "gooey"?)

Put them here (and come back to look for more answers and post more comments and questions):


Has anyone STARTED HW7 yet? Finished it? Let me know ASAP if you have, please. I'm going to tweak the rules for the next three homeworks, and I want to know if it impacts anyone on HW7. Mark Guzdial

why are you tweaking the rules?

I discussed this in class this morning. Pair Programming helps students learn better and makes it easier to do harder programs. HW8 and HW9 are pretty hard. HW7 is not. Pair Programming has a start-up cost – it's hard to get started. I'd like y'all to get started with your pairs in HW7, so that your pair is working well on HW8 and HW9. Mark Guzdial

I think you need to update webct so we can turn in the homework Dr. Guzdial
Kyle DuPont
Done! Sorry about that! (I did the rest for this term.) Mark Guzdial

are you a dr?
I keep trying to convince my kids of that. "Really, I do know that it's good for you! I'M A DOCTOR!" :-) Mark Guzdial

So, if we decide to make a main in our PictureTool do we need to use setMediaPath or anything?
If you want to accept a base filename and then figure out the whole path, yes. Other options: (a) accept a filename (with path) from the command line that you access via args, (b) use pickAFile() to let people pick a file to use. Mark Guzdial

I keep getting this error:
"local variable is accessed from within inner class; needs to be declared final"
when I try to access the entered value for the scale method. How do you declare a variable final again?
Use the word final, but you probably don't want to do that. Remember that final varibles can't change their value, and you probably want to change values. More likely – you're access a METHOD variable, not an INSTANCE variable. Remember that you can't do that in your REMOVEDstener code. Mark Guzdial

That happened to us too. we moved the whole bunch of code that makes the string into a double into the sub-method (i forgot the proper term for this)
it worked then.

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