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Questions on HW4-Fall2005

Is weaving and repeating music giving you a headache?
Ask two questions here and check back in the morning.

(Or just ask one, and check back in a few minutes.)

This is the error I'm getting when I try to compile in DrJava. I tested this with O'Reilly's HelloJava3 program from the text "Learning Java, 2nd Ed."

1 error found:
File: (no associated file) [line: (no source location)]
Error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: method ()V not found

I've got JDK 1.5.0_04 and I'm using the version of DrJava that was included on the CDR.

Any ideas? Any suggestions as to where to start troubleshooting this would be extremely helpful...
That sounds like you are executing using 1.5 but compiling using 1.4, or vice-versa. I recommend NOT having two different Java's on your computer. Mark Guzdial

I agree with Mark, try removing one of the java installations. #4

can our song sound like absolute crap and will that be ok or does it have to be sonnorus?
It can sound awful – no problem. Mark Guzdial

I've only got one version installed, though. I started from a clean WinXP installation and installed only JDK1.5.

Do you have a laptop that you can bring it to me or Sebastian? Else, get a CS student in CS1322 to sit down with you and figure it out. It's a really weird error – I really don't know what it is. Mark Guzdial

did sebastian update with repeatNextInserting that you posted in class today?

Nope – you have to do it yourself if you want it done to your copy of Mark Guzdial

Everyone: We'll be getting together to look over HW4 Thursday night. Let me know if you want to come. It's tentatively set at the Starbucks at Tech Square, but if enough people come, we might move it to the Student Center. Anyway, just let us know. (Student159, Student157)

About keeping in touch: Look us up on facebook. All the info you'll need will be there.

what time?

Tentatively, 9p at Starbucks at Tech Square.

I've created a song with two parts and each part has repeating and weaving. However, the first part works out exactly how I'd picture it would (correct weaving, inserting, etc), but the second part is never right. How can that be? I mean, if I understand the process enough to get the first part right and I'm simply having the second part do the exact same thing just with different riffs, why does it come out so messed up?

I think it TOTALLY rocks that y'all are getting together outside of class to work on the HW together. BRAVO!! As for the problem that Krista sent me, which sounds like the problem Betsy and Perry are describing: Note very carefully the difference between repeatNext and repeatNextInserting. If you did node1.repeatNext(node2,3) then node1.repeatNext(node3,3) node2 would be completely deleted from your list! That's what repeatNext does, and that's why it's inferior to repeatNextInserting. How could you use repeatNext to make a long list? You'd have to be careful where you did your repeats. You could do node1.repeatNext(node2,3) then node1.getNext().getNext().getNext().repeatNext(node3,3). That would insert the node2's, then carefully walk to the end of the list, and then insert the node3's. Does that help? I should be on later today, too. (If you're interested "What the heck is Guzdial doing in Tacoma and Seattle anyway?!?" you can find my talk slides at (scroll down to Tacoma), and you can see the conference I'm here for at Mark Guzdial

i have a weave that is weave(riffD,2,3) and it weaves like this. AA D AAA D why isn't it weaving after the third A? is there a problem with the weave code because this just doesn't make sense at all. it only does this with a number higher than one in the #skipped input of weave.
Removed at KS request

i got it.

did anyone else sign onto webct and found that it said that our assignments are due at 2pm on sept30 instead of 10pm????????????????????

Sorry – my bad. It's 10 pm, and we won't treat anything late that's before 10 pm.
Anybody going to share their music on the Gallery?!? Mark Guzdial

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