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Questions on HW1-Fall2005

Got any questions about how to do Homework 1? Post 'em here!

I take it there aren't any pre-defined colors in Dr Java? I tried using black, white, and gray to set my color and kept getting an error, so I figure either I need to define the colors (or I'm not trying to use them correctly). Student161
There are pre-defined colors, but they're in a separate library. Ask me about this in class and I'll show you how to do it. Mark Guzdial

Ok, nevermind, I got that part figured out, but I don't know what this error means:
File: (no associated file) [line: (no source location)]
Error: Compile exception: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
I've seen this last semester. Is your .java file in your java-source director, and do you have only ONE java-source directory specified in your DrJava preferences (your "classpath")? I saw this happen when people had multiple java-source directory and tried to compile their .java file in a completely different directory – Java ran out of memory trying to get it to all work. Mark Guzdial

do we turn in our picture to the TA that we used in the method?
Krista Schmidt

You don't have to, Krista. Just turn in the file. (Be sure not to turn in the Picture.~java file – that's the backup that DrJava creates for you.) Mark Guzdial

is our method allowed to call the filechooser command in HW1? -Krista

Nope. It should work on the picture "this." It shouldn't create a new picture, nor use FileChooser to find one. Mark Guzdial

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