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Questions on HW4-Spring08

Ask questions on Homework 4 here:

Question: How do you create a chord? Or should we just avoid doing those and stick to the melody?

Question: Are we supposed to create a main method in AdvancedSongREMOVEDst, and insantiate new phrases and nodes inside of it, such as with the ContactEntry and ContactNode being put into ContactREMOVEDst, and then put just AdvancedSongREMOVEDst in the class we create to play our song?

Question: Is there any way to create a rest of a specified length within a node? For example, if we need an eighth note or quarter note rest in between notes, is there a way to input that within your "JMC.C5, JMC.QN" data?

Question: I'm not sure what private data my new song (previously referred to as MySong) needs to contain. Whenever I try to create new lists and nodes and such, it keeps telling me the variables I'm calling from inside the other programs (such as the phrases I created) cannot be found in MySong.

Question: I'm not sure which constructors the class for my song is supposed to have. What is supposed to be null for the default constructor? Does the other constructor take in the list??

Question: What does it mean by "illegal initializer for double"? I'm having trouble making the addChord run the right way.

Question: AdvancedSongNode's constructor takes in Phrase phrase. Shouldn't it take in AdvancedSongPhrase phrase?

Question: Say I have the following nodes, and I want them to be in the following order:
verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus
Is there a way to prevent the list method from choking since the first two nodes are referencing each other?

Question: Where can I find basic information on the notation system (like what exactly "C5" means?)? It is not in the slides and not in the book.

Question: Also, are we supposed to be transposing an existing song, or writing our own, or modifying an existing piece of music?

Question: When I run the code, it plays all the music but it does not show all the notes, how do i get it to show everything?

Question: So are we actually using AdvancedSongNodes and AdvancedSongREMOVEDst files? ... or is it okay if everything works fine w/o it?
is there a way to change the time signature in the middle of a song, say from 4/4 to 2/4
Where do we find the example of weave that we are supposed to go by?

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