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That Purple Building Across the Street from MERL

"Dollar a Pound" and "The Garment District" are housed in that hideous purple building across the street. Are they worth going to? It depends on what you're looking for.

The Garment District is a vintage clothes shop (read: used clothes). While it has a certain amount of character, you probably won't find your next change of warddrobe there.

Emily: I disagree, they've got some cool clothes there, if you're willing to look. Lots of normally expensive brands, bananna republic, gap, etc. If you're looking for an adventure, try the clothing floor, which is normally $1 a pound ($.50 a pound Friday mornings).

They also sell other used items.

Dollar a Pound is a store built around a flea market. It's essentially a commercialized version of the Goodwill, selling used stuff. You'll find used books, records, CDs, clothes, and dishware there. For most items, you pay by the pound - there's a scale right next to the register. Jim Davies and I went in one day and walked out with various books and dinnerware for the change in our pocket. No kidding. If you need a real mug or plate to replace the disposable ones you use everyday, just hop over there and buy them for a handful of change.

Michael Terry