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Evaluations of Mnemosyne by Nichi

In your first sentence, you state: "the constitution has been amended to ensure that the right to vote." However, throughout your paper you talk about "the lack of a constitutional right to vote." I'm confused. I'm not sure what you were trying to say in your paper. Although the Constitution says, in a sense, "these people" have the right to vote, it does not GUARRANTEE that right? Or??

Also, your last sentence, "Legislation such as the Help America Vote Act 2002 has helped to ease some of the problems demonstrated by the 2000 election but there are still many problems that need to be solved" leads the reader to believe your are about to address those "many problems." I'm guessing you are talking about the problems that you had already discussed in your paper (in the above paragraphs). If that's the case, this sentence would probably be better located in the beginning. If, however, you are talking of different problems, you should address those.

When you mention, "paper and punch hole ballot" you may want to give an example of these two ballot types causing troubles in the voting arena. The obvious example would be the Florida incident of 2000. But, you may be able to find others.
Here's a source you may find useful: Peter A. Shocket, Neil R. Heighberger, and Clyde Brown. 1992. "The Effect of Voting Technology on Voting Behavior in a Simulated Multi-Candidate City Council Election: A Political Experiment on Ballot Transparency." The Western Political Quarterly: 521-537. I used that source in my paper. It presents good arguments for/against the different voting methods, and its use may strengthen your argument.

I also noted that you didn't cite your sources in your paper. You have them at the bottom, but what information came from which source?

Overall, I felt your paper had a lot of potential. But, I can't give a definite answer to how I felt about it because, as I said, I wasn't sure what you meant by "the lack of a constitutional right to vote."

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