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Evaluations for America Number 1

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Evaluation 1: This site was googled so theres always the possibility of faulty content. However, it references multiple reliable works by well known econominsts along with Mr. Stossel's work which was aired on TV. As for bias it does seem to favor free market economy, but it is the opinion of the author that that is the cause of America's success. This site should help in showing that America is the leading country in the world. It has many helpful links as well.


Evaluation 2: It is a very useful source for our topic. This article could provide many hints to those who are working on issue 8 as it does to me.

This article seems to be fairly short, but has a lot of links to other sources which could prove to be equally as helpful in researching. I've seen Stossel's work, and I like what he does. Unfortunately, the link to the show's transcript isn't legit.


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