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Printf("Hello, world\n");

Hi, I'm am growing attached to my feet... ;-)

(Yo! I didn't know that Dr. G was a tango aficionado...)

Uploaded Image: apr_al_greenspan_y.gif

Uploaded Image: Blshoes2.jpg Nice shoes!

Glad you like them. See Laurie Vega's Tango Shoes

Joe Grohens asks:

How do I upload an image file?

Does this still work?
When I click attach, I am asked for passwords.

Uploaded Image: tango13 (1).jpeg

Hey, that's Manuel and Rhonda! (says Joe)

er... "Ronda" :-) (Jim)

What's more?

Well, who is more?
Perhaps me: Hola, I am Christian, from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Just trying this out ... feels like some new steps. Enjoy tangoeing, everyone!

My roommate is the silliest CS major I've ever met

Testing...1-2-3 Testing...
Hola fellow tangueros,
Isn't it amazing how technology has helped marginal interests like ours grow? - Trina in Pittsburgh

Hello I am Michel from France;
This is a great idea, a collaborative website;
Good luck

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