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Tango Movie List

The Non-definitive List of Movies with Tango
(Not Movies About Tango Per Se)

Also see Tango Movies - another page on this website

"Happy Together" (1997), directed by Wong Kar-Wai, is set in Buenos Aires and includes some scenes with tango. Brief special moment in this fiction film: in the Bar Sur, Carlos Copello dances with (first following, then leading) a handsome young gay man from Hong Kong. Soundtrack features Piazzolla and an extended acid-guitar pseudotango called "Chunga's Revenge" by Frank Zappa.

"Assassination Tango"

"Kuutamolla" directed by Ahu Louhimies in 2002 has a tango sub-plot. Minna Haapkyld stars as Iiris, a thirtysomething singleton. Her apparently happily-married friend Laura (Laura Malmivaara) still carries a torch for the tango dancer she met in Buenos Aires. We are treated to a few very brief flashbacks. No 16 of the deleted scenes "Rome and Buenos Aires" is longer, better, and has more tango content than the sequence that actually appears in the film.

Louhimies' earlier film "Levottomat" (2000) has a single extremely brief scene towards the end where a tango is played at a wedding party. This is rudely interrupted when it is revealed that the best man (Mikko Nousiainen) has been bonking not only the bride but also the preacher. Laura Malmivaara stars again, as the best man's long suffering girlfriend.

Both films available on DVD with English subtitles.

To add to your list:

The Tuxedo (US, 2002) - no Jacky Chan did not dance it, the number was in fact done by real-life tango dancers
Waking Life (US, 2001) - animation with tango music and a dance scene
Evita (US, 1996)
Total Recall (US, 1990) - yes, Arnie did it - sorry that's the wrong film
True Lies (US, 1994) with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Arnold is the Arnie movie with tango.
Moulin Rouge (UK, 2001) - has one tango scene which excludes the lead characters. The music which is called "El Tango de Roxanne" combines the rock classic "Roxanne" with the tango classic "Tanguera".
HI!! Capt. Corelli's Mandolin w/ Nicholas Cage and Penlope Cruz has an interesting dance scene in italy - it is a tango , i suppose as italians danced it during that period. i liked it .

Saw your posting on Tango-L about tango in movies - you are looking for the wrong Valentino film. It is the movie The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921) in which the tango scene appears. It comes quite early in the film, and he does a pretty good job IMO. The version which is shown on Turner Classic Movies is quite good as the music scored by Carl Davis has a wonderful tango tune synchronized perfectly with the dance moves.

Random Hearts
Waking Life
True Lies
Sliver has a segment with Michael Walker and Luren Bellucci dancing tango
and a segment of the final ballet in Talk to Her

On your other topic, tango in the movies, did you see Corelli's mandolin? A little scene with Penelope Cruz (she pulls off a nice little ocho) with Nicolas watching her every move....hmmmmmm.

"Malena" an Italian movie that came out last year has a tango scene in it, and of course there's "Indochine" with Catherine Deneuve tangoing with another woman.
Yes I know XYZ almost certainly means Argentine tango, but here is a noteabout a Finnish movie all the same.

"Onnen maa" (happy land) directed by Markku Plnen 1993 and available on DVD. Set in and around a rustic dance hall where nothing but tangos are played, it is described as a nostalgic comedy; although with a vicious duffing-up (off-scene fortunately) of the hero and the death of the grandfather it is hardly Carry On Tangoing. But it is a pleasant, and allegedly accurate, picture of the rural tango scene
in the 60's. Tangos sung by veteran tango star Reijo Taipale. Unusually for a modern film, it has a scene with two children smoking.

It is the supporting programme of a two-film DVD. The main feature is
"Badding", which is about the adventures of reluctant rock star Rauli
"Badding" Somerjoki. All he wants is to be left alone to read comics, but he is chased across the idyllic Finnish countryside by detectives and others and manhandled onto the stage by heavies. Although the music is described as rock, I would call it middle of the road. I liked it. No tango content though. Both films have English subitles.

Another Finnish film is "Tango kabaree" which is not available on DVD, only on non-subtitled VHS. Described to me as "a bit surreal", I found it totally incomprehensible. I forget the director, date, and actors, though I could probably find out if anyone is actually interested.

Currently on Finnish TV is a soap opera "Iskelm prinssi" set in a similar locale and time period to "Onnen maa". Every episode
has a different tango star making a guest appearance. When I was there over Christmas the guest was Arja Koriseva, the greatest of them all. There is also a tango-related commercial for a spread consisting of half butter and half margarine. A tango is playing, and a woman cannot make up her mind between two equally attractive toyboys. So she dances with both of them at once.

Remember the days before video, when movies were available on Super-8 for those rich enough to afford them? I once rented "Blood and Sand" and it had the tango sequence. This would have been in the 70's. It might be worth looking on eBay or similar sites to see if any copies still exist.

From your postings you seem to be interested in tango movies and music. Here is a movie I like "Sus ojos se cerraron" full of music, not much dancing, interesting plot. You may like it.

Note: this post appeared on the Tango-L not too long ago. Sounds like a great resource. I never hearad of it before. When I checked it out, it seemed to have many more than 156 films listed! LR

Die Buchse Der Pandora (Pandora's Box), Nero Film, Berlin, 1929, is infamous for a lesbian tango dance with Louise Brooks, an American actress famous in that era for her cloche hair style. If you know where to find such films that would be of great historic interest.

I trust you saw my Tango-L listing of a data base of film. Look in search for tango and you find 156 films.

Noticed your post on the tango list. If it helps, use this as a start. It was compiled a few years ago by someone on the

The most popular:
Three to Tango (1999)

All the rest:

Tango (1998)
Tango (1931)
Tango (1933)
Tango (1936)
Tango (1982)
Tango (1990)
Tango (1993)
Tango (1996)
Tango 2001 (1973)
Tango & Cash (1989)
Tango Argentino (1969)
Tango Argentino (1992)
Tango Bar (1935)
Tango Bar (1988)
Tango Bayle nuestro (1987)
...aka Tango, Our Dance (1987)
Tango Berlin (1997)
Tango blu (1987)
Tango Cavalier (1923)
Tango dalla Russia, Un (1965)
Tango Dancers, The (1920)
Tango de la muerte, El (1917)
Tango del viudo, El (1967)
Tango della gelosia, Il (1980)
Tango do Amor (1931)
Tango du Midi (1987)
Tango durch Deutschland (1983)
Tango en Broadway, El (1934)
Tango en Pars, El (1956)
Tango feroz: la leyenda de Tanguito (1993)
...aka Tanguito (1993)
...aka Wild Tango (1993)
Tango Flush (1998)
Tango fr Dich, Ein (1930)
Tango Ha'acharon, Ha- (1998)
Tango im Bauch (1983)
Tango in Tuckerville (1914)
Tango Jalousie (1996)
Tango je tuzna misao koja se plese (1997)
Tango-Knigin, Die (1913)
Tango Lesson, The (1997)
...aka Leon de tango, La (1998) (France)
Tango Mad (1914)
Tango nad propastyu (1997)
Tango nashego detstva (1985)
...aka Tango of Our Childhood, The (1985)
...aka (1985) (Soviet Union:
Russian title:
original Cyrillic KOI8-R title)
Tango Notturno (1937)
Tango pro medveda (1966)
Tango ptaka (1980)
...aka Bird's Tango (1980)
Tango Tangles (1914)
...aka Charlie's Recreation (1914)
...aka Music Hall (1914)
Tango, the Obsession (1998)
Tango vuelve a Pars (1948)
Alpenglhn im Dirndlrock (1974)
...aka Tango nahkahousuissa (1975) (Finland)
Fortune, The (1975)
...aka Spite and Malice (1975)
...aka Tango fr tre (1975) (Sweden)
Out to Sea (1997)
...aka Tango til sjs (1998) (Norway)
Rappel immdiat (1940)
...aka Tango d'adieu (1940) (France)
Tangospieler, Der (1991)
...aka Tango Player, The (1991)
T.V. Tango (1992)
Naked Tango (1990)
Primo tango a Roma - Storia d'amore e d'alchimia
Tiara Tango (1998)
Torch Tango, A (1934)
Gender Tango, The (1997)
Letzte Tango in Wien, Der (1992)
Two to Tango (1988)
Ultimo tango a Parigi (1972)
...aka Dernier Tango Paris, Le (1972) (France)
...aka Last Tango in Paris (1972)
Ultimo tango a Zagarolo (1973)
ltimo tango en Madrid, El (1975)
Asphalt Tango (1996)
...aka Asfalt tango (1996) (Romania)
Best of Tango, The (1996)
Blonder Tango (1985)
Russian Tango (1996)
Zandalee (1991)
...aka ltimo Tango em Nova Orlees, O (1991)
Damskoye tango (1983)
...aka Ladies' Tango (1983)
Stntang (1994)
...aka Satan's Tango (1994)
...aka Satanstango (1994) (Germany)
Spurs of Tango (1980)
Three to Tango (1999)
As es el tango (1937)
Astro del tango, El (1940)
Matratzen-Tango (1973)
...aka Secrets of Naked Girls (1973) (UK)
Mi ltimo tango (1925)
Mi ltimo tango (1960)
...aka My Last Tango (1960) (International: English
title: informal
literal title)
Opration Tango (1999)
Consejo de tango (1932)
Dead Man's Tango (1998)
Vida es un tango, La (1939)
...aka Life Is a Tango (1939) (USA: informal English
Academia El Tango Argentino (1942)
Boquitas pintadas (1974)
...aka Heartbreak Tango (1974) (International: English
title: informal
Montenegro (1981)
...aka Montenegro - Or Pigs and Pearls (1981)
...aka Montenegro eller Paerlor och Svin (1981)
...aka Montenegro tango (1981) (Italy)
Del cupl al tango (1958)
Historia del tango, La (1949)
Kri Kri e il tango (1913)
Borrachera del tango, La (1928)
Dos corazones y un tango (1942)
Harlis (1972)
...aka Red Hot in Bed (1972) (UK)
...aka Mustasukkaisuuden tango (1973) (Finland)
Max, professeur de tango (1912)
Malena es un nombre de tango (1996)
Violeta o La reina del tango (1918)
In extremis (1987)
...aka Giovani gangsters: io, Tango e Rock (1987)
Bruna, formosa, cerca superdotato per tango a Milano

In "Blood and Sand", Valentino danced a flamenco. It was in, "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" that he did a tango, (as a gaucho) dancing with a prostitute in La Boca.

The dancing he did was most likely the style of tango that he learned in Paris, France before emigrating to America. "Blood and Sand" and the "Sheik" films (naturally) had no tango dancing.

The "Four Horsemen" film is probably still available in video form from: Hollywood's Attic, direct your questions to: Mr. Woody Wise.

A brief glimpse of tango dancing in the street in the Argentine film Felicidades. Watch carefully or you'll miss it! It's just a part of the street scene, nothing to do with the film itself. It was a so-so film that made me shout "Oh!" when I saw the people dancing.

There are film archivists at universities noted for cinematography programs that might be able to give you some help, that's what XYZ was (is?). Probably the Argentine government and some hole in the wall
archive in Paris, Moscow, or Berlin has information.

Someone on the tango list put together what I sent you but I just saved the films, not who made the list. The tango list discussion was back in '99 and if you can find where the tango list archives are stored (maybe by asking the list moderator, if you look in your original sign up instructions, there is an option for sending mail directly to the moderator) you might be able to get a few.

Please notify Luda R of any changes.

Postscript: There are bound to be duplications in an effort such as this. Entirely my fault! LR

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