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PATangoS Classes


Master Teacher Susana Miller of Buenos Aires

May 20-22, 2005

Daniel Lapadula of Buenos Aires
Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, 2005

Jaimes Friedgen & Rachel Smith
of Seattle, WA
Nov. 5-6, 2005

Beginners ~ Experienced Beginners ~ Intermediates.

"I think that at the heart of the tango is the music. It's like an undiscovered continent. It's rich and devouring because it's so passionate. But at the same time, it's meditative and contemplative. It can be calm or rhythmically driving. And it has a lyrical intensity. ... When you dance tango, you are constantly in the embrace both of an extraordinary musical culture and of another human being. Because of the physical closeness of the dance, it is possible to explore intimacy in a metaphorical way while pushing your own inventiveness and creativity to their limits."
- Sally Potter, Dir. of 'The Tango Lesson'

By working with some of the country's leading tango instructors, we have designed a comprehensive program which gives students a solid foundation in social dancing after several months of study. Important elements, such as rhythm and connection, are continuously emphasized and explored in greater detail as students progress. Students begin in the milonguero-style tango (also called apilado or rhythmic close-embrace) and may later be encouraged to explore other styles. No cliches - just the essence of tango.

Private lessons are another popular option with Trini and/or Sean. Call Trini at 412-521-1476 for more information. All classes include the Tuesday night practica at the JCC (see below). Singles and couples are welcome.


Fridays, June 17 - August 12 (no class July 1)
Class 6:30-8:00pm, Practica 8-9pm
Learn to tango as they do in the heart of Buenos Aires. We begin with the essence of tango - connecting to one's partner and to the music. Emphasis is on partner communication, musicality, and solid technique for good social dancing. No class July 1. Instructor: Trinidad Regaspi. Cost $90/single, $150/couple. Neighborhood Dance Center, 5530 Penn Avenue (near Penn & Negley). Call 412-363-4378 to register. Credit Cards accepted.


In this series of classes, Trini & Sean will bring out tango’s more Latin heritage – rhythm, passion, and body language. We will work with club-style tango that allows more flexibility in the embrace and figures.

Sundays, June 5-July 24 (no class July 3)
Class 1:30-3pm, Practica 3-4:30pm
Instructors: Trini Regaspi & Sean Cosgrove

Fridays, June 3-July 22 (no class July 1)
Class 7:30-9pm, Social Practice 9-10pm
Instructor: Sean Cosgrove

MILONGA (Dance Party)
July 29, 7:30-10pm

Special Workshop Series begins July 31

All students are welcome to both practicas. Registration closes on 2nd week of classes. Cost for each series is $30/person. No partner required. Minimum of 8 students per class, maximum of 24. Pre-registration by emailing Trini requested.Sponsored by the Graduate Student Assembly of Carnegie Mellon University.

Every Tuesday Night, 7:30-9:30pm

Time to practice or socialize with dancers of all levels. $3 or free to current JCC members and PATangoS students. Takes place in the Kaufman Building (main building) of the Jewish Community Center. Air-conditioned, wooden floors, mirrors - one of the top facilities in the city. 5738 Forbes Avenue (near Forbes & Murray) in Squirrel Hill.

For questions about any event, call Trini at 412-521-1476 or email

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