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Tango-L Topics
  • Who's Who - Introduce yourself
  • Sandbox - Go here to play with how cowebs work.
  • Tango Links - add your favorite sites; corrections and improved organization also welcome
  • Tango Teachers - Add yourself or your teachers here.
  • Tango Movies - Information about movies with tango.
  • Tango Movie List - an unstructured list of movies with tango
  • Personal Observations and Musings - add links to this page or create another page in Tango-L Swiki and link it
  • Why Students Stop Dancing: A Theory - Batt Johnson's thoughts
  • Community Development Strategies Contribute your ideas for community development
  • Tango History - Add links to tango history or create another page in Tango-L Swiki and link it
  • Tango Forums - Argentina Tango Discussion Forums.
  • Tango Lyrics Translation - Help out by adding and translating lyrics
  • Great Tango CDs - Add your favorite CDs; add comments or criticisms; help organize
  • Structural Elements of Tango - additions, comments welcome
  • Argentina Information - Argentina and the tango are inseperable. Here is information on one of the greatest countries.

  • Tango Books -(This is the latest book about dancing that I have found to be very interesting)