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Great Tango CDs

Osvaldo Pugliese - Ausencia
Osvaldo Pugliese developed dramatic arrangements that retained strong elements of the walking beat of salon tango but also heralded the development of concert-style tango music. Some of his music is used for theatrical dance performances. Ausencia is simply the best collection of Pugliese's music, capturing many of his great pieces from throughout his career. See ToTANGO's Pugliese.

Miguel Caló - Al Compas del Corazon
The Miguel Caló orchestra played simply sublime music for tango, and it was probably at its best playing with Raul Beron, whose singing is featured on this CD. See ToTANGO's Caló.

Astor Piazzolla - RCA Victor 100 Años
This astonishing collection reveals Piazzolla's own playing as perhaps no other single CD. See ToTANGO's Piazzolla.

Daniel Barenboim - Tangos Among Friends
The great classical pianist and conductor returns to the music of his homeland. The musicianship is superb and the sound quality is as close to live as I have heard on any CD.

Gotan Project - La Revancha del Tango
The pioneering work of Gotan Project has helped to push the limits of danceable music that uses tango steps. Great music recombined–the best of the early 20th Century combined with the electronica of the late 20th Century.

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