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Tango-L Swiki

Welcome to the new tango-l coweb. Coweb stands for "collaborative website." Essentially, it is a website that anyone can edit from anywhere. So, a group can develop a website together.

Given the way discussions tend to go on the tango-l mailing list, I thought it might be interesting to set up a coweb for this group. First, however, a little bit about me. While I am an avid tango dancer/teacher in my spare time, my "real" job is as a graduate student studying online communities. While I have no intention of doing research on this site, the cowebs are active research projects at Georgia Tech. So, it's possible that papers will be written about this site in the future. For more information about me or my work, go to For more information on the cowebs, go to

Now, a little bit about how to use a coweb. On any page, there will be an edit button at the top. If you click on that, you can then edit the text of the page. To create a new page, just put astricks around any words. Those words will become a link to the new page. When editing the text, you can also use any html that you know. Finally, there is always a help button at the top of the page or you can email me at

Now that that's out of the way, have fun.

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