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Harrison Caudill

Here we have it. The hackfest c0de for the Future Library.

This rant is organized into the following sections:

1) A brief overview of the history of the project
2) The current status
3) Comments about the code
4) Links to code, minutes, and a set of notes

==================== SECTION 1 =====================

The project began towards the end of the summer of 2003;
the original purpose was to design and implement an
extensible multi-purpose inventory management system.
After much brain-storming we arrived at a decision as
to what we were going to try to implement for version
1. We decided that we would set up a system that would
guide the carrier of a pda to a desired book. We
decided to use java for most of the implementation; one
of our teammates was so unfirmiliar with java that his
code was summarily separated, and accessed through TCP,
allowing him to work in C. The basic design for version
1 is as follows:

Talks to rfid tag reader, Talks to server, Discovers
Capabilities (Library being the one we were

Stores state information based on IP addresses, Computes
paths through the graph.

Data Store:
Talks to server

==================== SECTION 2 =====================

Data Store: Working
Capabilities Server: Working
Path Update Applet: Kink in the Sockets,
otherwise working
Any Code Touching RFID Hardware: Unimplemented
(no hardware)
Server Code: Protocol needs to be

==================== SECTION 3 =====================

The Java code is largely ::not:: meant for human
consumption. Most of it was written with marginal
abstraction as a place to start, but working code is
working code. Should anyone decide they actually wish
to continue to work with said code, contact me; you're
going to need my help to comprehend any of it.

==================== SECTION 4 =====================

I operate a webserver personally where I have all the
space I want and root on the box making it easy for me
to post documents. Any interesting documents can be
found there.

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