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Matthew Wolenetz

Schedule: See my .plan (finger

I am a CS MS Student currently working with the Systems Group. I am involved in the Research Infrastructure (RI) initiative, and I also work with the Ubiquitous Presence group for Kishore Ramachandran. My plan is to specialize in both Systems and Software Engineering for my MS degree.

I have adapted the Linux kernel CPiA driver to allow conditional "non-decompression" to enable higher framerates when transmitting USB ZoomCam captured images over low-bandwidth communication links. I am currently working on the completion of an application generator to facilitate rapid stampede application development, and I will be enhancing debugging and monitoring capabilities in stampede applications using this tool.

In addition to monitoring progress being made on the Access Grid, Crestron, CS3210, and Video Kiosk hackfest projects, I am lead/co-lead for these projects:

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