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Dean Mao

This is Dean Mao's little iPAQ page... I'm a first year master's student working with Dr. Yannis on static program analysis. I joined the ipaq group just for fun. (and to get myself an ipaq :)

In Yannis's jOrchestra group, we plan to create an automatic optimized distribution system for java which will eventually can run under small devices with low computational power such as the ipaq. We can save space using remote system classes, and optimize for speed by using profiling data and variable escape data from static analysis.

In the syshack group, I hope to learn enough about the ipaq internals to write applications. Ideally I would like to write a kernel module that allows remote memory pages so that something can replace the "swap" file typically available in linux installations. In the sort term, I hope to setup a clean development environment using intimate.

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