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Tips for Stampede Test Program


Stampede test program we are trying is chan_prod_cons.c located in stampede/stm/tests. To make and run this program, simply simlink the file to test_stm.c, and make it. Note that, if you define DO_PRNTS and DEBUG_TEST in the source code, it will give you detailed debug messages.
     % ln -s chan_prod_cons.c test_stm.c
     % make


Running any stampede program requires the host having rsh, since stampede invokes its application programs through it. Therefore, you have to create .rhosts file in your home directory. That file defines host names (and optionally user names on the host) you allow to come into THIS host through rsh. For example, if you specify in that file on a rsh-enabled UNIX machine, you can rsh that UNIX machine from without password. Please note that in some cases .rhosts file needs 644 access permission (group/others readable).
To run the program, you need to specify the number of iterations to transmit messages between the producer and the consumer implemented in this program. For example, if you specify 100 the producer sends 100 messages to the consumer. In that case, you'll see the following.
     % test_stm 100
     CONSUMER[0x03]: STILL CHAGGING, just consumed timestamp 10099


In addition to the iteration count, you can specify various options to this program. Most of the options are dealt with in the CLF layer, so you can find a document describing possible options in clf/doc/clf_notes.html. Such options include the followings.
               # ("#" is for comments)
               # filename /home/jin/src/D-Stampede/stampede/stm/tests/.spd_config
               # NOTE: DO NOT use tabs. Use white spaces.
               # rsh_host     comm_host     xterm_flags
               hoegaarden     hoegaarden    
               chimay         chimay


     % test_stm 1

     % test_stm -spd_num_pes 10 1

     % test_stm -spd_num_pes 10 100

     % test_stm -spd_output 1 -spd_num_pes 10 100

Jin Nakazawa

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