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MB++ Naming and Lookup


Naming and lookup layer of MB++ mutually advertises entities on it. The advertisement is not necessarily be periodic or reliable, thus we might require explicit lookup operation between hosts.

The attribute of an entity can change, so we need (a kind of) the observer-observable pattern between the attribute and the naming/lookup layer implementation. This means when a producer/consumer/server changes a part of its attribute, the naming/lookup layer must be aware of the event to affect the change for later lookups across hosts.

Implementation Details

At this point, we are looking to use Rendezvous/Bonjour, a multicast DNS service from Apple for naming and lookup. See the documentation section on the main project page for official documentation on Bonjour. In addition, we are going to try and use the embedded library and integrate it into our application. We must also submit an official naming scheme to IANA standards board. The following is a proposal for naming:
The types of consumers/producers can be stored in the TXT record. Additional ideas are including server loads in the server TXT record so producers/consumers can connect to the least busy server, etc.

Data Structures:


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