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Paolo Mentonelli


Projects: uMiddle BIP enhancement; then directory service.
Taking classes.

Plan of Action - BIP Enhancement

  1. Try use of Obex Push Daemon with BT Digicam.
  2. Create a Java interface for Bluetooth BIP Project. (For image input only)
  3. Create a Java class that will wrap opd through Java Native Interface.
  4. Skim OPD source code and make use of portions necessary for JNI implementation.
  5. Test and debug using BT BIP digicam.
  6. Wrap the implementation with uMiddle classes.
  7. Deploy in G2UI.
  8. Port software to Linux based BT-capable PDA.
  9. Try steps 2 to 6 for image output.
  10. Test and debug using BT BIP Printer.

BIP Enhancement Progress - 6/27/2005

The Java BIP Interface now works correctly. I had to modify opd to store the image in memory and return a byte array from the native code into the Java portion rather than simply writing the file to disk. I have also written a uMiddle Translator for BIP. The next step is to test the BIPService from within uMiddle.

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