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Here are the sensors in the VersusTech system:

1. The RF sensor above the printers in 207
2. In 207, near the video kiosk
3. In 207, above the couch
4. In 207, near the sliding glass doors to 201
5. In the hallway, above the video kiosk
6. Above the whiteboard in 201
7. In the atrium outside the theory lab
8. In the hallway outside 267/268
9. Darts lab area near the fridge

Sensor 9 doesn't have a cable running to it at this time for some reason.

The sensors are connected to CAT5 cable running through the ceiling, which ends in a punch-down block by the collector and concentrator. Wires connect the punch-down block to the collector. The collector is connected to the concentrator by a short peice of CAT5. The concentrator can be accessed at ( The concentrator packages up the data from the collector into UDP packets, which it then sends to grosseisle. There, they are recevied by the badge server, a service that then also listens on port 2500. The data server then connects to that port and listens on port 2000, 2022, and 2023. Port 2000 is the NAPI port, 2022 is the XML port, and 2023 is the telnet port. Only port 2022 will output anything without a login. The XML data that is output is quite useful, and can contain a person's name and the room that they are in. The data server can restrict connections based on IP, but it's not at the moment. Access should probably be restricted to the computer that the mediator program is running on, and have the mediator control access.

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