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Feel free to play around here.

Smalltalk is a powerful language.
It should be renamed to "Sumotalk"
(to feel the "strength" from the word). - Kenny T.

Brian was here.

Elliot was here. I can just write regular text here.

I can make paragraphs by typing return twice (just like email). HTML!

Error: this should not happen

Maria was here.

Gerry was here

Daniel Was here, i should be working, but that is boring.
vist my home page HTTP://

I want to be a squeaker... Terri

LninYo was here Jan27,2002 ...

David was here.

Jim was here:-) I love Squeak and Smalltalk. Ok, I will add a page here Removed Page.

= [nigritude ultramarine|] ==
The ultimate [ Nigritude Ultramarine] shall beat the other
[ | Nigritude Ultramarine] that was made by
Nigritude Ultramarine Phillip. Taste your own medicine, Phil. mnuwsb.