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Chapters For Review

Folks, below is the Table of Contents, with Chapter Review pages linked. The Chapter Review pages contain a link to a PDF of the current draft of the book.

For each book, we are requesting at least two members of the Squeak community sign on as Promised Reviewers. By becoming a Promised Reviewer, you are agreeing to read the WHOLE chapter and comment on it. We welcome comments from anyone, at any level, but we want to make sure that we're getting a thorough review of every chapter – especially a good technical review!

On each page, we'll have an edit box for tossing in comments, but feel free to edit the whole page to (a) sign on as a promised reviewer or (b) leave more lengthy comments. We won't lock any of these pages.

Thank you!
Mark and Kim


Squeak at Its Core

Squeak Applications

Building on Squeak

Future of Squeak