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Non-Campus Housing Tour

Fill in or sign up here if you are willing to let prospectives see your place Saturday 3/28 afternoon (11:30am-2pm)

ComplexUnit TypeAddress/G.MapContactPhone(notes)
The Metropolitan - DowntownStudio Condo 20 Marietta Street, #9E Jay S. 404.784.6046 Call to set up meeting times. Travel via MARTA is easiest as the Metropolitan building is 400 feet from the 5-points station. I'd be happy to meet people and lead the way via MARTA. Photos of Unit
Palisades by the Park2br 1ba Condo 821 Durant Pl NE #8 Jeremy Brudvik and Matt Bonner 425.220.3783 15-20 min walk from TSRB/Regency Suites through midtown - we'd be happy to walk a group(s) of prospectives. Close to Piedmont Park - maybe it would be good to go there before/after if the weather is nice. Some street parking is available (but we don't have cars).
401 W 10th2br Condo401 10th St NW Apt A202 [map]Kurt and Eugene404-275-0400Just west of the Papa John's at 10th & State. Walkable from campus. Gated, so call to be let in. Some street parking, but technically illegal without Home Park pass.
Wherever you live

Sign up here if you are available to drive prospectives around:

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