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Getting to the Technology Square Research Building (TSRB) from the Regency Hotel

Walking directions from the Regency Suites Hotel to TSRB:
1.Leave hotel (main entrance)
2.Turn Left
3.At the corner of W.Peachtree and Peachtree Place, turn Right (crossing W. Peachtree Street)
4.At the corner (Peachtree Place and Spring Street), turn Left (crossing the Peachtree Place)
5.At the corner (Spring Street and State Street), turn Right (crossing Spring Street)
6.Keep straight until you comes to Moes Restaurant, turn Right
7.Enter TSRB, after you pass Chick-Fil-A

Using the Georgia Tech Trolley from the Regency Suites Hotel to TSRB:
The Tech Trolley stop is located behind the Regency Hotel on Peachtree Place in front of the Midtown Marta station.
1.Enter the Trolley on Peachtree Place
2.Exit the Trolley at the 2nd stop
3.Take the walk way (beside Moes Restaurant)
4.Enter the door on your Left (after you pass Chick-Fil-A)

The map below shows the walking directions from the Regency to TSRB as well as the Trolley stops.
directions from Regency to TSRB.doc