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To add your name to this list, click the "Edit" button, then scroll to the bottom of the big text area, and type in your information. To create a link to a page, just enter *URL*. You can use the visit organizers table as an example.

Note: We have 7 PhD degree programs. The CS PhD has 13 research areas, and the HCC PhD has several specializations (listed under Electives at this link). In the table below, indicate the program that you have been accepted into. And if you know which research area(s) or specialization(s) you're interested in, feel free to add that too!

To edit this page off campus you need to use a login and password. These are attach and carmen, respectively.

Visit organizers

NameEmailProgramWeb Page
Brian O'Neill boneill@cc CS

New Admits

NameEmailProgramArea / SpecializationWeb Page
George P. Burdell george.burdell at HCC HCI