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Georgia Tech College of Computing Ph.D. Visit Weekend 2006

Congratulations on being admitted to graduate study at Georgia Tech's College of Computing! Now let us convince you that you should accept! This page is designed to be your "one-stop shop" for information (and links to information) about your visit to the College of Computing. It is designed to be viewed by both prospective new students and current student volunteers and to be a bridge between the two.External Image

Contact Information

Graduate Office Coordinators:

Barbara Binder
Sherida Heath

Student Coordinators:

Julie Kientz678-428-6140julie@ccIICAIM: juliekientz
Bryan Payne404-819-7964bdpayne@ccCSSAIM: psycling78
Andrea Grimes617-501-4038agrimes@ccHCCAIM: dreaelaina
Aras Bilgen404-206-9623abilgen@ccHCCAIM: arasbilgen

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