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Atlanta, like most big cities, has many annual events and festivals throughout the year, typically in the summer.

DragonCon! - America's largest annual convention for fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror, comics and art, games and computers, animation, science, music, television and films. Always held in Atlanta, either in late August or early September (Labor Day weekend).

Music Midtown - Every year in the spring, several streets in Midtown are closed and stages are erected to hold Music Midtown, which is a multi-day concert sponsored by many radio stations. There are rock bands, R&B artists, local bands, popular artists, etc that come here, and tickets are around $50 for all three days. The 2004 show has bands like The Foo Fighters, Offspring, Fuel, Steve Miller, and Wyclef Jean. Update: Music Midtown has been cancelled until further notice.

Atlanta Dogwood Festival - Every spring, Piedmont Park hosts a big festival with lots of artists, kids events, and music going on, with a lot of sponsorship from local companies. Parking is awful though, so take MARTA or walk.

Georgia Renaissance Festival - Your typical Ren Fest held every year in the spring through early summer on weekends (spans about 2 months). Located south of Atlanta outside of the loop in Fairburn.

Atlanta Pride Weekend - Annual Gay Pride weekend in Atlanta. Lots of fun events in Piedmont Park and a parade for gay and straight alike.

Atlanta Jazz Festival - Jazz Festival in Piedmont Park, usually during Memorial Day weekend

Georgia Shakespeare Festival - Festival during the summer featuring live plays of Shakespeare's work

Peachtree Road Race - Annual 10k race held downtown, usually on the 4th of July

Atlanta Fireworks Festival - Big fireworks festival at Centennial Olympic Park on the 4th of July. Live music and street vendors. If you don't like crowds, you can see the fireworks from Centennial Place or from the GT Hotel parking garage.

In the summer time, Piedmont Park has "Screen on the Green" where TCM shows a couple of really cool old movies on a huge screen in the park, every thursday of June (could be July). Well worth taking a picnic and watching a cool flick with your friends in the open summer air.

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