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Ice Cream

Yummy... I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Paolo's Gelato in the Virginia Highlands. The guy who owns this place, Paolo, is a riot. Classic Italian, has done it all. Used to be a vet, flies a plane from Atlanta to Charleston, SC to run his two Gelato shops. Very unique flavors (I think I saw one called "Viagra" once). Don't call it ice cream though, or no gelato for you!

Muriel and Sebastian's near 10th street, on Piedmont. Good, homemade ice cream and cute little place.

Jake's Ice Cream - Several locations, including North Highland (the original). Good, homemade ice cream and a cozy hang out place.
UPDATE The North Highland location is closed. Will reopen sometime in a new location

Marble Slab Creamery - Not as good as Jake's, but convenient! Located in TSRB on 5th street. Terrible service, however. UPDATE: I think they fired all of the bitter employees, and they are now much better at their service.

Lexington Chocolate - chocolate shop on 5th street also sells ice cream! Homemade and very good. Better than Marble Slab, I think. 2nd opinion: Their ice cream is cheaper and tastier than marble slab. Try the chocolate espresso's to die for.

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