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Veterinarians & Pet Care

Bringing a pet to Atlanta with you? Want to adopt a pet? Look here for advice.


Ansley Animal Clinic on Monroe drive has been very friendly and helpful since we adopted our cat in September. Highly recommended.
593 Dutch Valley Rd NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
(404) 873-1786

Another recommendation for Ansley Animal Clinic. I take both my dog and cat there, and they're super nice. More expensive than other places I've seen, but excellent care and easy to get an appointment there (they have 5 veterinarians there). ~Julie Kientz

Pet Supermarket (multiple locations around Atlanta) offers extremely low-cost vaccinations/heartworm tests in their stores once a month. You can also buy heartguard, frontline, etc from their monthly clinic. I've taken my dogs there several times and have been pleased with their service. Check their website for vaccination dates/locations. ~Erika Shehan

Adopting Pets

Pet Supplies

I like to go to PetSmart on Ponce de Leon. Pretty decent prices and selection, and they don't sell cats and dogs. Instead, animal services brings in homeless pets on weekends which you can adopt on the spot. They also sell rodents, fish, and reptiles.
Address:650 Ponce De Leon Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30308-1808
Phone: 404 872 2363

Pet Licensing

My cat and dog are licensed through Fulton County. They claim they require it, but I know lots of people who don't license their pets. It costs $5 for a spayed/neutered animal and $15 for an "in tact" animal. You can do it by mail, and then they send you an id tag many months later (took them almost 4 months to send me the tags).
~Julie Kientz

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